30 Great History Research Paper Topics

Writing a history research paper can be a bit of an uphill task. This is because you are expected to relate to people and events that probably existed way before you. You will need to gather the right materials and bring everything into context for the success of your study. Choose a topic that is of interest to you and has an exploration potential. Also, make sure you do intensive and extensive reading about various subjects before you decide on your final subject. Samples at Mypaperwriter.com will help you find topics that sound really good and provide you with a broad field for experiments.

Consider the period and geographical location you would like to study then look for related topics. Choose a topic with a reasonable scope of study so that you can make your research work easier and more effective. To help you with your search, below are thirty great history research paper topics that you can explore:

  1. The causes and consequences of the Vietnam War
  2. Discuss the cold war and the scars it left on the whole world
  3. Martin Luther king’s speech and its impact on the generations after him
  4. The abolition of the slave trade and what it meant to the world
  5. Similarities and differences between the crusades and the jihads
  6. Discuss the establishment of the democratic principles in France
  7. The implications of the Holy Roman Empire 
  8. Discuss the influence of communism ideas to the world
  9. Effects of World War 1 on the economies of Europe
  10. The People’s Republic of China and its developments
  11. Discuss the failures of the most prominent queens in ancient Egypt
  12. The aspects of ancient Sparta that made it so different from other cities
  13. How monasteries affected education in the middle ages
  14. Effects of colonization on America
  15. The political powers of the pope in the middle ages and their effect on religion
  16. Causes and consequences of the sexual revolution
  17. Discuss worldwide industrial revolution
  18. The impact of the American foreign policy in the 21st century
  19. Role and impact of the Battle of Hastings in the history of England
  20. Comparing ancient Greece to the Roman Empire
  21. Did the hippie culture have a huge impact?
  22. Can the Japanese economic wonder be repeated?
  23. Discuss the importance of sports games in ancient times
  24. Dynamics of the creation and failure of the Weimar Republic18
  25. The golden age of the pirates and the Caribbean 
  26. Impacts of the British colonialism in India
  27. Independence of African countries and how it affected their economic performance
  28. Revisiting the trading roots of the Renaissance period
  29. Importance of bridal ceremonies in Ancient Rome
  30. Discuss death and immortality in Ancient Egypt

Bottom Line

Finding a good topic is what you need to be on the right footing as you begin your research. There are numerous history topics that you can explore and the list provided here is a great place to start. 

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