100 Best Ideas for Research Paper Topics in 2020

Writing a good research paper begins with choosing an appropriate topic. Sometimes the teacher will assign you a particular topic but most of the time you will be required to choose. There are many legitimate sources like the internet, the library, and also from what you have covered in class. Make sure you decide on a topic that will be of interest both to you and to your readers and one that will give you enough room to explore and focus at the same time. A good research topic should be:

  • Specific and Precise. Your topic should not be all over the place. A precise topic will guide you in writing a solid research paper.
  • In your field of interest. For your study to flow effortlessly, you will need to research on something you are interested in. This way, you will enjoy your research and gather as much material as you need.
  • Innovative. If you take an innovative approach in your study, you can gain an edge over the other students. You will also have enough room to explore what others have not been able to.
  • Clear. A research topic should not be vague but clear and to the point. You need a clear direction to take with your study and this begins right from the topic.

Below are some examples of research paper topics in different categories

Persuasive Topics

  1. All parents should monitor and control what their children browse on the internet
  2. Cybercrimes are meant to increase as technology continues to grow and evolve
  3. It is wrong to use animals in conducting research experiments
  4. Childhood traumas are to blame for depression among young adults
  5. Teachers and parents have equal responsibility in determining how children grow up
  6. Industrial pollution is the main cause of global warming
  7. Post-modernity has both positive and negative effects on the institution of marriage
  8. Human rights institutions should control minimum wages across the world

Argumentative Topics

  1. Are celebrities good role models?
  2. Should holiday breaks be shortened for final-year students?
  3. Who is to blame for homelessness?
  4. Should the minimum alcohol consuming age be increased?
  5. Is technology to blame for increased moral decadence?
  6. Should students at all levels of education be allowed to carry and use their smart gadgets in school?
  7. Is it difficult for ex-convicts to find work?
  8. Should all schools be faith-based institutions?

Controversial Topics

  1. Introduction of sex education in middle school
  2. The societal world view on surrogacy
  3. Child adoption for gay partners
  4. Negative effects of homework on students
  5. Abortion laws and their effects across the world

In Conclusion

Choosing a great research paper topic is the first step to a great study. It might seem simple since there are lots of topics available for exploration. However, if you do not follow the guidelines provided here, you might end up with a limiting topic. Take your time to find the right topic and the rest will fall in place.

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