The Research Paper: Making a Thesis Statement

The research paper is one of the more difficult projects a student will encounter in high school or college. If done properly, it could be anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 words in length. Thus, it is something to give due attention to.

The importance of the thesis statement

Though the thesis statement is not the answer to the research, what many first-time researchers do not realize is that it does direct how the research will be conducted. This is why the thesis statement is usually decided upon before preparations for your study can be made in earnest.

  1. Start with a topic you enjoy

The research paper will consume a lot of time as you will read many sources, take notes, analyze what you have found, and then write everything down. This is why it makes sense to select a topic you enjoy rather than picking something just to impress your teacher – you will regret having a difficult topic that you are tired of reading about.

  1. Research before deciding

You won’t know what to test unless you understand more about what needs investigating. So read about the various arguments connected to your topic and start thinking about what can be done. 

  1. Be specific as possible

One mistake some students make is to create a very general thesis statement. For instance, they might say something like, “Reading books is helpful to young children.” Though it is an idea, the thesis statement is much too broad. For it to be useful, the parameters must be narrowed down to something like, “Reading comic books helps develop creativity and better reading skills in young children.”

  1. Ensure you have a backup or two

As you consider your primary thesis statement, always have a backup or two prepared. Although you might have a great idea, sometimes what you plan is not possible or too difficult to achieve. So, it is good to have another option just in case.

This backup can still be connected to your primary choice where you change the variables to something more manageable. But your backup may also be something quite different, especially if you have realized that gathering data for your first topic may be too difficult or even too expensive.

Additional examples

If you still need more examples of what a thesis statement should look like, consider some of the following.

  • Fad diets are hurting overweight teenagers more than helping them.
  • Raising a pet at a young age makes children more mature than those who have no pets.
  • Sugary drinks are more responsible for deaths in young adults than smoking cigarettes.
  • Stricter gun regulations will protect school children more than metal detectors on campus.
  • Teenage violence is rising because of what they play on their gadgets, not what they see on TV.
  • Work production can be increased if employers opt for a 4-day workweek.
  • The rapid development of technology is causing stress in the average household.


If you would like to complete your research paper on time, you need to come up with a good thesis statement to get things started. Therefore, consider the tips and examples given so that you can create a thesis statement for your paper.

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